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The Color Experts For Your Home

Your Personality in Color

Color is everything. It creates the tone and ambiance of your home, and in most cases it is the first aspect people will notice. It can mean the difference between an inviting peaceful retreat, to a bland and lacking space. Repainting your house can give you the opportunity to perfectly represent your personality and have your space feeling as if it is your personal paradise. Make your house the topic of conversation amongst your friends and family.

Many Considerations need to be taken into accounting including what feeling you want your home to take on, and what your personal tastes are. For the perfect paint colors we need your vision matched with our expertise. Let us help create your dream home.

Our Color Experts Are Ready to Help

Our experts are skilled in painting exterior and interior walls. All of our painters have extensive experience in their field of work and can help you pick out the correct color and execute the project flawlessly. We provide all equipment necessary and leave your home better that it was. We have a no-mess approach that leaves your project space clean everyday we are on the job. We ensure the work gets done with out any complications, on-time and on-budget.

Services Offered:

  • Interior & Exterior painting
  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Painting Cabinets
  • Color matching
  • Staining Cabinets
  • Painting crown molding and trim work
  • Faux finishing cabinets
  • Replacing rotten wood
  • Caulking windows
  • Glazing walls
  • Decorative Painting
  • Water Damage and Restoration Services

The Colors Of Your House Both Inside And Outside, Define And Reflect Your Personality.

Stunning, beautiful colors that grab eyeballs always bring in accolades and praises from people who visit your house. On the other hand and in the same vein, when the colors inside your house or outside look drab and dull, people are repelled easily! They make all kinds of excuses to stay away because monotonous colors in the ambiance lend a touch of boredom to the conversation and company as well. In order to make your house the big talking point among your friends and family, get in touch with Home Platinum Services.

The Color Experts For Your House

Adding colors to the exterior walls or the interior decoration is not a walk in the park, as it is made out to be! All kinds of considerations have to be deliberated upon, including the kind of house you want to live in and what your personal preferences are. In other words, you cannot leave this decision entirely upon experts or cut them off completely and call all the shots yourself. You need a happy blend of both approaches when you are picking colors for your house walls, both inside and outside. The experts at Home Platinum Services offer you a lot of room to place your case and also ask for the suggestions of the experts. We do not believe in pushing our opinion down your unwilling throat when it comes to deciding on which colors suit your house better. We offer options for you to think and decide.

The Execution Of The Plans

Other than drawing up the master plans for your house painting, we have the technicians to put those blueprints into action. Our experts are skilled in painting exterior and interior walls. We are particular about deadlines and stick to them. Hiring our team will take away all those logistical horrors that are generally associated with house painting! We will ensure that the work gets done without any hassles or hold-ups. Our painters have considerable experience in this field of work and that is why they are able to execute even complicated painting patterns flawlessly. We bring in all the equipment necessary for the job and take pains to leave your premises after cleaning the ravages of the house painting task. Our patrons have appreciated the no-mess approach and that is also something that we take considerable pride in. Why Pick Home Platinum Services For house painting, you need more than just painters or color designers. You need experts who will look upon your house as more than just an assignment. That is exactly what Home Platinum Services does for you! We invest our task with passion, coupled with a profound knowledge of the craft. By picking Home Platinum Services for your house’s interior and exterior painting, you will make a choice that will inject a fresh new perspective into how your house looks.

Our mission is to build connections that last, and be your “Single Service Solution”