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We have years of experience in home and office remodeling. Our home addition experts will kick off the process by understanding your vision, goals, and intended use for your project so we can develop a space specifically tailored to your desires. Along the way we will develop plans and blueprints, so before one nail gets hammered, you can see exactly what will be implemented. After blueprints are approved we develop a reproduction so you are able to see a 360 view of your plans. There are no surprises along the way, our number one goal is to make your dream home or office come to life.

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Home Additions: Knowing before Growing

1 – Site visit: Discussing the project and understand the scope of the home addition project……

2 – Designing and Planing: Start the work with the architect to draw preliminary drawing for the home owner based on their desired layout and features

3 – Engineering and Cost Efficiency: Making sure the designed plans are feasible, structurally sound and cost efficient

4 – Pricing the project in details

5 – Finalize changes and drawings

6 – Permitting: Getting all necessary permits from the city.

7 – Start the project

Here is a quick checklist to help get you started.

1 – Site Visit: Discuss the project and understand the scope of the home addition project.

2 – Design and Plan: Begin work with the architect to develop preliminary drawing based on their desired layout and features

3 – Engineering and Cost Efficiency: Make sure the designed plans are feasible, structurally sound, and cost efficient.

4 – Price out Project in Detail

5 – Finalize any Changes

6 – Get Necessary Permits

7 – Begin the Project!

Know before you Grow

You may require home additions for a variety of reasons: a new guest room because the existing one is not being able to accommodate the steady stream of visitors, a new addition to the family, a new family member joining in to stay with you or simply the need of an office space, now that you have decided to work from home permanently. Whatever be the reason for a home addition, you need to get your requirements of the upcoming space all sorted out. For example, if you are planning on a new kitchen in the added area, your construction details will vary from when you need the space for an office. Before you begin work, get your priorities sorted out. That will save expenses and also get you what you are looking for exactly!

Your house, in its entirety, is a whole organism. It looks good and feels right when you consider the house as a whole entity. When you are thinking in the lines of adding space to your home, you must not forget this essential balance in its construction. There is no method in simply adding a room or two just because you need the additional space. Your home additions must be accommodated organically in the already existing structure. Otherwise, the newly added spaces will look out of sync and will jut out rudely in the visual sense of your family as well as visiting friends. That is why you must trust experts in matters of home additions.

Know before you Grow

There are many different reasons we choose to add an edition to our home, and they range from an addition to the family to a new need for a home office. Whatever the case may be, one thing is always true; impeccable pre-planning and requirements gathering is absolutely essential for a successful remodeling project. Building the perfect remodeling plan and strategy with save your unwanted expenses in the future. This is why hiring experts are essential for the task!

Where We Come In

Home Platinum Services has been around in the home and office building and decorating business for years now. We have a considerable body of work in building up and customizing homes and offices for people with a distinct, refined taste. Our home addition experts will first talk to you about the purpose of the new addition and how you intend to use the newly added space. Then they come up with blueprints for the home addition. You will be in the loop as we draw up the technical details of your home addition so that you can give in your inputs. Our technicians then take to the location and build an exact reproduction of what was shown and finalized through the blueprints. We do not differ in our planning and execution of those plans.

Why Pick Home Platinum Services

With years of experience and expertise in the field of building up living and working spaces for people, we understand exactly what it is that you are looking for. We are able to deliver to the T and that is something that our customers appreciate and rate highly. With our home addition service at your disposal, you can be sure of falling in love with the new space that we help you add to your home. Our flawless planning and understanding of the craft will help you achieve your goal of living in a larger home. Follow Nima Niazi on Google+!

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